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healydanes: lmao whyd u delete my caption n replace it with the exact sane thing... just asking lol

Sorry honest mistake!

Anonymous: i hope your mom and you get better, i'm so sorry :(


Anonymous: What they did is absolutely disgusting! I hope someone does something to ruin them.. I'm usually not for violence or that anything bad should happen to anyone, but those people only deserve the worst. I hope karma gets them and they will fall on their mouths and feel the pain and trouble they put other into.. I wish I could help you somehow, but I can't.. I hate reading something like that and not being able to help =( I'm so sorry for you two..

No worries, thanks for reading..

Anonymous: I agree, if anyone hurt my mum it would be world war 3. They need to burn in hell. x

Indeed.. Thanks

Anonymous: Im so sorry about your situation. You and your mum dont deserve this and i wish there was some way i could help you x

Thanks.. Idk, I just want to see them burn at the moment you know? I just feel so bad for my mom, I don’t care that much about me, but no one should fuck with my mom like that..

Please read!

Dear followers

There is something I’d like for you to read:

I was renting a student room in a house of friends of my parents’. At first they said we had to pay nothing and I could just live there, no questions asked. So I did and I did my best to keep things nice and clean. My two fellow residents however just kept leaving all their filthy stuff all over the place and it became a big mess in no time. So after a while, I started complaining about the situation to the people who own the house, but they ignored me because one of those kids in the house was their son.

For the record, those ‘friends’ of my parents turned out to be horrible people. They live in a house not far from me and they are incredibly dirty, filthy, mean, violent people. Yet my mom has worked with them and did lots of things for them in sort of a charity manner, as an act of good will: like giving clothes, small pieces of furniture, toys, etc. Those people however have 6 kids, which means in Belgium that you don’t have to pay taxes (which is wildly unfair) and they get money for each of those kids every month from the government + they own a newspaper shop. So actually, they are loaded. Nonetheless my mom felt sorry for them and fell for their disguise as a poor family of misfortune and mishap. It seemed that letting me live in their student house for free was a gesture for years of charity work that my mom did for them. 

But things became worse… Suddenly they started asking my mom for money, so my mom, good as she is, payed silently every month for my student room. In the meantime those people were verbally aggressive to her and been absolutely mean, even though my mom was still helping the littlest kids of the family with sports, etc. Now they kicked me out of their house because they claim my girlfriend sleeps here all the time (which she does not), they claim that I am aggressive to the other residents (I never talk to them), they claim I act very immature (yeah.. no), they claim that I stayed in the house all summer (I went on holiday to France and the UK, I wasn’t even in Belgium for most parts of the summer), so now they threatened my mom for more money and they will kick me out of the house.

Just to be clear, we never ever did anything wrong to those people, on the contrary, we did loads and loads of charity work for them. Now, I’m a poor student and I’m on the streets as of tomorrow, I have no place to stay for university… 

I just wanted you to read this and if anyone is good with hacking, please, ruin those people, empty their bank accounts, I don’t care. Those people are the worst kind of humans there are. They are simply bad from the core of their soul. So please, if anyone has any suggestion to ruin them, please help me out. My mum has now a severe depression from the whole situation and barely dares to go outside because she is afraid those people will hurt her. So please, anyone.. Help us out okay?