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Anonymous: I don't think you're rude at all. The icon massage can be interpreted differently and I think you handled it perfecly fine. Besides, you've been really nice in any other message

Aww thanks! :) Yeah indeed, I felt like it was rude and I don’t like rude messages :/ But yours was absolutely lovely, thanks! :)

the1975eatchocolate: My blog is around 90% of reblogs from your blog, does that make me a robber? ;)

Hahaha nice word play :p You can be a Robber, nw ;)

Anonymous: Man... maybe this is a classic case of being unable to infer attitude over the internet but you've been pretty rude to the people messaging you lately. Like that last person was just trying to make conversation about your icons matching :(

That’s because he/she used ‘fucking’ in the ask without any reason and I don’t like that! Besides, I’ve been pretty nice to most people asking me questions :)

undo-you: You showed up on my dash and i thought tumblr had recommended my own blog to me because we have the exact fucking same icon

And your point is exactly… what?

peytonjobe: What is your favorite song by the 1975?

Hard question, but I’d say ‘You’ or ‘Robbers’, I really love those both songs! :)

Anonymous: So I'm going to the 1975's concert on november 28 and it's a pretty small venue and I want a reasonable spot I'm fine with not being in the very front row as long as i'm still near the front I'm fine so what time would you suggest I get in line? (The concert starts at 9)

Um get in line about 5-6pm I’d say! That should get you quite in the front! :)

Anonymous: Hi! Do you know if George is still with Jessie at the moment? Or is he single or does he have a new girlfriend?

Don’t know and don’t really care :) His life, not ours ;)

Anonymous: Hello, love! I was hoping to listen to The Story of The 1975 again, but the audio you've posted doesn't seem to be working. D: By any chance, could you upload it again, if you don't mind? (and downloadable maybe? if ur cool with that) yes thank you

I’ll do my best :)

lindsaywarner: Hello ! I really love your blog ! So +1 :)

Thanks! :)